executive director/ceo

The Suffolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority celebrated its 45th Anniversary in April 2016.  What started as a brain child of George Birdsong has turned into a solid organization that provides affordable housing options to the citizens of the City of Suffolk and since 2015 to designated areas of Isle of Wight.

As the new Executive Director/CEO, I am pleased to continue the legacy of leadership that has been present here over the years.  I am committed to the mission statement of the agency to provide safe, decent and sanitary housing to the citizens of Suffolk and Isle of Wight.

We will continue to excel in the affordable housing market.  SRHA has a team of talented professional who continue to bring new and innovative ideas to promote revitalizing communities and for maintaining a healthy environment for our citizens to live, work and play.



Tracey C. Snipes

Executive Director/CEO