REporting changes

Participants are required to report the following information to SHRA as family circumstances change. Failure to do so may result in retroactive rent increase, money owed to Section 8 and/or termination of assistance.

Report all changes in writing within 10 days to your HCV (Section 8) Specialist providing a detailed explanation of the circumstances of change. You may bring in or mail your written request for change our office located at 530 East Pinner Street, Suffolk, VA, 23434.   

Please continue to pay your current rental portion until you have been notified in writing of a different amount to pay. All reported changes will be verified via a third party prior to any changes in the assistance.


Changes in Family and Household Composition

You must report in writing any change in family/household composition (e.g., birth, adoption, court-awarded custody of a child, addition or departure of any family or household member, marriage, or death of family member, etc.) within 10 business days. 


Increase in Income

You must provide verification of any increase in income from employment, social security, child support, TANF, pension, annuity, family contraction, unemployment benefits, veteran’s benefits, lump sum payments, business income, or other source of income within 10 business days.


Decrease in Income  

You may request a reexamination of the payment to the owner on the basis of changes that may reduce your family portion of rent due to decrease in income. Such change must be verified by the 15th of the month for the change to be effective the 1st of the next month. 


Zero Income Reporters

SRHA will conduct an interim reexamination every 3 months as long as your family continues to report that they have no income.