The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program is an initiative enacted in the National Affordable Housing Services Act of 1990.  It is designed to assist you as a FSS participant in utilizing community services and resources in achieving economic independence. 

The HCV FSS program offers housing assistance as part of a coordinated linkage to other programs and services to include child care, transportation, personal and career counseling, adult basic or college education, job training and job placement assistance. 

Upon deciding to participate in the FSS program a participant will complete an interest form and then a needs assessment form that the Resident Services Specialist will use to gather information to assist you in achieving self sufficiency.  Once FSS participant's goals have been determined they will enter into a contract of participation for period of five years.  The contract of participation can be extended to allow successful completion.

Money may be set aside in an escrow account for you to access once the goals in the Individual Training and Service Plan have been achieved  and have remained independent of welfare assistance for one year prior to the end of the contract of participation. 

SRHA is committed to providing classes and workshops that increase the residents chance for economic independence. Adult GED employment & resume building workshops and apprenticeship classes are offered to help close the income gap. One-On-One interactive computer courses increase computer knowledge and skills. Health education and screenings provide blood pressure and blood sugar checks, cholesterol screenings, sex education and health assessments. Monthly health group seminars serve as a vehicle to health issues and concerns.  A monthly newsletter is published to provide additional information on upcoming programs, services and activities.

Below are some of our recent programs.

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